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Tagent’s unique technology allows for the location and tracking of individual objects, whether they are tiny or large. With today’s world inundated by skyrocketing numbers of small, yet critical items, industry is in need of assistance from technology to maintain order and cohesion. The cost in time and effort to recover a misplaced item in the ocean of other homogenous items is unacceptably high. 

Consider the following:

Our 2mm tag is the first to incorporate a unique UWB based No Battery Active Tag™ complete with its patented Antenna on Chip™ technology. Instead of receiving power from a battery, the Tagent tag receives power from radio waves at 5.8GHz generated by separate small power nodes strategically placed around the read area. Once powered the tag then transmits its unique ID info back to a reader using a UWB signal centered at 6.7GHz (a worldwide standard.) Since the reader can read data from tags as far away as 10 meters and has the capability to locate tags within 6 inches, it allows users to immediately locate any specific item.